Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why would you sell furniture at the grocery store?

It's April and that is the thing that is bugging me so far this month.
That and my insomnia.  After a bit of research I've discovered its got a name, DSPS to go along with my PTSD.  Seems my circadian cycle is all jacked up and from what I remember, it has been since I was about 4.  Oh well, what can you do?  The treatments and recommendations all seemed a bit too complicated and expensive BUT if I move to the west coast, I think I will be fine actually.
This totally explains why I can keep a normal schedule everytime I'm in L.A.
Durning my incredible 3 day straight bout of insomnia I had some strange dreams and some weird revelations etc. etc. etc.
I had a dream about planes.  I was in a field somewhere with some kids or maybe I was a kid too, not really sure, and this large plane flies right by us through the wooded area behind us.  It looked like a mix between the SR-71 and an X wing fighter from Star Wars.  It made no sound.  None at all.
I remarked that it was a stealth plane and explained how the plane was able to absorb sound as opposed to creating it.  Was quite interesting science behind it that I completely understood and explained within the confines of my dream.  I explained that it even absorbed the sounds of other objects making sounds such as the trees that it broke as it passed through the woods.
I then saw a second plane that looked like a 1940s army truck of some sort mixed with an F series jet of some sort.  Not too much detail on that one except that when it landed it retracted its wings and drove off like the truck.
Perhaps in my strange brain, mixed somewhere among my crazy math gift/curse this all really makes sense and I really should be doing some sort of research, somewhere.
Instead I just woke up and thought "that was weird and kind of cool" and was a little depressed that my cool planes didn't really exist.
The other thing that bothered me was about stupid people.  Do they know when they start getting old?
I mean, I know smart people do because they begin to realize it is becomming harder to read without glasses and stuff like that.  Then upon further contemplation I thought, "no, I dont think they have a damn clue and thats why you see old ladies with hot pink nails and lipstick that really only looks good on young people"  That damn idiot doesn't realize she's old.
Another thing that old idiots seem to like to do is drive.  Again, too dumb and old to realize they shouldn't be doing it any longer because they are a danger to themselves and everyone else on the damn planet.  Proof that they are idiots is the fact that people always claim "well they have no other option for getting around, poor things"  Well if they were smart they could figure something out, now couldn't they?
Okay so that's my April so far.  I have begun to practice 'sleep hygiene' today so will see how that fares in the treatment of my insomnia.  I have an interview on Friday in the early morning (10:30 my time is early morning) so I need to be fresh and exciting for all that shit.
I'll keep you posted.

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