Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dogs and Drinkable Iced Tea

I had a pleasant afternoon yesterday, after a horrible morning.

I went to meet Frank Daddy and he was lunching with Bianca.
He had been at the Penguin store where she works when I called.
He made some ridiculous sounds like the Penguin from the Batman TV show as a clue to his whereabouts. 

As I was walking up toward Lincoln Road, I passed a middle school student carrying a violin case and I said "Fiddle me this, Batman"  I don't think she got it or just found me extremely unfunny.  Anyway the thoughts continued along the lines of a villain called The Fiddler and what all that would entail.  This kept me entertained as I trekked up Meridian.
As I got closer to the Books & Books I noticed the pigeons were extremely slow moving and annoying and at one point thought of just picking one up and tucking it under my arm like a football and then giving it to Frank when I got to the table. But I didn't.
The dog was excited to see me, as always.
I arrived just as they were finishing up their lunch.  The sweaty remnants of drinks were scattered on the table.
Frank was drinking tea and there was some debate as to whether it was good or not so I tasted it and dubbed it "drinkable." I ordered one when the waitress came by to drop of their check.
While we were sitting there a poodle went by wearing tiny John Lennon sunglasses.
It was funny and I dubbed him the Coodle (cool + poodle = coodle)
We all snickered except for the owner of the dog.
She should be happy because poodles are not really cool dogs to begin with and why do we always call those round glasses John Lennon glasses? How come he is associated with making them famous?
Plenty of people wore them well before he did.  Even famous people.
Aren't those the same type of frames worn by Teddy Roosevelt?
How come we don't call them Teddy frames? He did a lot of shit too, you know?!
Of course he does get the bear and he didn't sing songs, I guess.

Anyway the afternoon was a good one and we wrapped up the day by enjoying the humor of David Sedaris at the Filmore later in the evening.  He even signed his new book for me, which happens to be about animals.
Perhaps there will be a coodle.