Monday, October 8, 2018

Keeping Up Appearances

Today I had an appointment for a consultation about having some Juvederm injections under my eyes.  I have always disliked the look of the skin under my eyes.
It has always looked like I've had bags since I was a little kid because of all the eye surgeries I've had.
When I used to get annoyed by it, I would always remind myself that at least I can see and my left eye isn't all weird anymore.  As I've gotten older, however, it's gotten worse quicker than it probably should have so I figured I'd go talk to someone about maybe a quick fix.
I was told that for the results I was looking for, of course surgery would be the best option.
The doctor did say that she could make the area look nice and a bit fuller with injections but that it would only last about a year or so.
She was also impressed that I have no crow's feet.
We had a lovely chat and they worked up a price quote for me which came to between $800 and $1200.
The fountain of sort of looking a bit younger, is not cheap.
I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for November, the Monday after Thanksgiving.
I don't really think I intend to keep the appointment considering I will be in Nashville with a friend at that time.
I like to travel more than I care about looking good.
That quote is enough for me to take that trip to Iceland we were looking at to ring in the New Year under the Northern Lights.
It is also enough to go on that fun river cruise with Dat from Prague to Paris.
So I am pretty sure I won't be getting it done unless I slip on another grape at Publix!
But even then I would use the money more wisely I'm pretty sure.
I just can't be that vain.
Some people are but I could do so much other stuff with those $$$.
But while I'm speaking of vanity and appearances...
Dudes, what the fuck is up with a goatee?
I was telling my buddy Andrew, when he asked how my dating was going, that it seemed that when dudes turn 45 they are required to have a goatee.
I informed him that it was one of the main reasons I don't really date guys my age.
That fucking goatee.
It's not sexy.
It's a bit weird.
Not a beard, not a moustache, but a weird little combo of both that looks like a hair donut around your mouth. Yes, that's right and it looks just as sexy as my description.
Hair donut.
Those crazy long ass beards freak me out too.
What the hell is living in there?
And the soul patch.
You don't see many of them but when you do, they're awful.
Okay - I had to go off on a tangent there.
Andrew told me his dad has a goatee.
I said, "He got it when he was 45, didn't he?"
He said, "Yes, around then."
Who knows?
All I know is I won't be dating you if you have one.
Sorry. Not sorry.
Okay so that's enough about appearances.
Maybe the goatee guys don't like old ladies with bags under their eyes but I'm sure I can find a nice young man in Italy without a goatee to make me feel better about not getting Juvederm injections.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Say What Now?? sensitive topics, approach with usual caution. You know how I am ;)

I don't know if many of you know who Cody Wilson is but I'm pretty sure you all know "about" him.
He's the plans for the 3D printer gun guy.
Yes, that guy.
I like him.
I think he's intelligent, articulate and concerned with our rights as citizens.
Many of you may tune out here but I must remind you he is not selling 3D printed guns but was only hosting digital files for download that could be 3D printed into guns.
This has been a thing online for quite a few years but he just became the scapegoat to make it look like the government was actually doing something about gun violence since all the school shootings (none of which was carried out using a 3D printed gun to the best of my knowledge)
Much of this was spurned on by the NRA. For those of you who are not aware, the NRA does not like this idea of having plans for guns available online because it undermines their agenda which has little or nothing to do with the Second Amendment even though they easily rile people up by claiming it does.
But that's just a side note, feel free to read about and investigate that all you want.

When my ex-husband and I were discussing it, he pointed out that he and any other (including myself) 3D animator worth their salt could easily model a gun that could then be printed and be functional.
He's right, you know.
He also pointed out that they probably exist on stock 3D model websites like TurboSquid and the like and could also be downloaded for use but no one seems to care about that.
Hence my conspiracy theory here.
Cody is aware of his role in all this and that is why I like him.
He knows that they are not only infringing on the Second Amendment but also the First and he has done a pretty damn good job defending himself up to now.
Many states are suing him and he has been in court for a long time blah blah blah...
He was banned from allowing the files to be downloaded from his site but then found a loophole (legislators and judges have no idea what they are doing in the digital realm which is why so many of them get caught sending dick pics! LOL)
anyhoo - so it was through this loophole that Cody decided to SELL the digital plans online
but for whatever price you choose to pay ...
even if that amount is zero.
SO there wasn't much else done for a bit after the selling was started.
Very little making the news regarding him
but then suddenly....
A news story arose that he had participated in sex with an underaged girl in Texas.
Basically the story was that he was on a website:
and a girl was chatting him up there (keep in mind that you must confirm that you are 18 in order to enter the site)
While chatting with this girl, he apparently said his full name and that he was kind of a big deal.
There was then footage of a vehicle registered to his business showing up to the hotel/motel where this underage girl was.
She claims that the two met there and had sex.
She was 16 but the age of consent in Texas is 17 so this is what is currently going on - altho I'm pretty sure no arrests have been made yet.
Seems a bit suspect to me.
The timing is very peculiar.
Right at a time when it seemed they couldn't do anything about his selling these plans and they had no clue what to do next...

I have questions!
Okay so this guy who is highly intelligent and digitally savvy, goes on a website and gives his full name to this person in a chat?
I don't know anyone who does that.
A bit odd.
And says he's kind of a big deal?
Then a vehicle registered to his company, not him exactly, goes to a motel?
He was never picked up by surveillance footage even though he's been very careless up to this point?
It was only stated that they had sex and no arrests have been made?
All seems very suspicious to me.

I smell a C-O-N-spiracy here, kids.
Like someone at his business was paid to pretend to be him online.
Maybe take a company car to this hotel but be sure not to be caught on the security footage.
Maybe she was paid a little bit of cash too.
And what about her lying saying she was 18?
I'm not sure what to make of all this.
Is it disturbing? yes.
Do I want more information? yes

But you know what the most upsetting part about this whole thing is to me??
really, it's this....

How come no one told ME about!!!??
How come I didn't know about this??
I mean, c'mon. damn.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Power is Power: A Heroes and Villains Theory

I was having dinner with el Jefé last night and we were discussing all the wonderful geek things that we always discuss.
We discussed some new shows and some old ones.  We talked a bit about new tech and existing tech - specifically our echoes featuring the ever spooky Alexa and how she is able to target items to you in the most sneaky and suspect of manners.  Mine just starts talking about shit like she's part of the conversation even tho no one said her fucking name or asked for her damn 2 cents - and then when I question her about it I get the standard: "I'm not sure what you're talking about"
Bitch, you were just spewing all kinds of nonsense about heat and the weather and all kinds of shit - don't play.  I will unplug your ass.  I know how to turn on my own fucking lights, heard?
Jefé said he had similar experiences or has targeted ads that come up even tho no one had actually spoken them aloud.  Then we made the usual joke about wire tapping then and now - and I suggested he read this book.
It discusses how software learns etc etc - an easy and interesting read if anyone is curious.  Its an old book from around 2003 maybe but that's when a lot of this tech was being developed so its pretty cool either way.  But I digress....

Our nerdy conversation drifted around to interesting topics and I told him about my solution to solve the problems of plastic and of the razing of the rainforests (I could have sworn I had told him but he knew not of my crazy but feasible ideas) I explained that I would need to have Elon Musk money and access to tech/engineering resources that he does to achieve these solutions and I was trying to figure out how to get in touch with him - which then led to asking if he had seen the interview with Joe Rogan and he had only seen the pot smoking bit - I told him he should check out the whole thing as it was quite interesting with the discussion about AI and cyborgs and the like.  I watched it when it was released in part and the rest a few days later.  I love that Elon has a plagued mind that I can related to and how his imagination works.  Einstein was a big believer in imagination as well.  Both of these men are heroes of mine (those of you who know me pretty well are aware of the reasons why) It's something I don't like to talk about much but if you knew me in school, you already know.  LOL

We began to draw comparisons and contrasts between Elon and Jeff Bezos (from our earlier Amazon discussions) and decided that where Elon's goals seem to be to advance mankind for the good, Jeff just seems to want to own the world and is interested in global domination.
Then it clicked in my mind... the conspiracy? not sure if that's the right word but definitely I was onto something I'm not sure if many are consciously aware of:  Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are modern day heroes and villains - nemeses, if you will.  Like Elon is the good guy bent on saving humanity from itself and Jeff just wants to enslave humanity and control their minds.
Elon has nice robots in the form of self driving cars and such while Jeff has the evil robot overlords we hear so much about.
BOOM - there it is right before our eyes!!
A modern day super hero saga.  
The battle is real and they don't even know it.
Elon is the relatable guy - smoking pot, sending artists into space, talking shit and making jokes.  Tweeting weird shit while on Ambien and making his stockholders question him continuously - but he's just a dude.  A really really smart dude and that's what he does.  Weird shit.  Imagination induced shit.
Bezos on the other hand is very cold and calculating.  How can he enslave the working class to do his bidding without them knowing? What sneaky ways can he begin the slow mind control game? When will he be able to begin the robot insurrection?
They are both trying to harness everything the people, technology and the physical world has to offer - but to what ends?? 
Today I read a thing that freaked me out a bit (kind of makes this whole theory of mine a bit too real) AWS IoT is teaming up with Iridium to launch satellites into space (via SpaceX which threw me for a loop but also reinforced my idea of Elon's good, albeit sometimes naive intentions for mankind) so they can bring global coverage for things like internet and cell phone to remote areas.  ahem.
Doesn't the villain usually try to take advantage of the unsuspecting hero in some manner in EVERY superhero story?
When discussing this theory with my boss tonight, (he already knows I'm insane) I decided this might lend itself to a pretty entertaining graphic novel or at the very least, comic book and/or strip.
I have every intention of creating my comic book caricature versions of Elon and Jeff.  It will probably be this weekend and if not then - Inktober is starting up and this may be a good series to create for the month.  

So that's it in a nutshell, kids.
Stay tuned for the further adventures of.....  Power is Power.
(that was my boss' suggestion based on the stupid tagline our old intern wrote on my whiteboard with an even more ridiculous icon - and it's perfect for this! I'll snap a pic of it at work tomorrow and throw it on here.  lol - He and I both added our little touches to it to bring it to the full fruition of ridiculousness)
here it is: I added the plug ends to the swish she drew, my boss added the lovely lightning bolt.