Monday, March 14, 2011

It's March

I need to write in this thing.
I have plenty to say but no time to say it.
Too busy looking for work, polishing resume, avoiding a reel by making a portfolio blog instead.
I have alot to complain about in this whole job search process. ugh.
Don't understand how it is that a Graphic Designer is expected to know, not only how to create graphics, but also know how to do web programming and edit video.  BUT if you look at the web programmer jobs they are NOT required to know how to do graphics or edit video AND if you look at the video editors they are also NOT required to know graphic design and web programming.
What the fuck is that shit all about?
You want to get a graphic designer to do three jobs for the pay of less than one?
I seriously have seen several posts that expect a designer to be able to edit and program for the web for a grand total salary or 35K!

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