Thursday, September 24, 2015

Labor Day Whiteout!

Labor Day just passed us by not too long ago. 
It’s kind of one of my favorite holidays.
I like it mostly because it signals the end of the time when people are allowed to wear white.
Especially shoes and pants.
Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about white pants.
Pair them with a nice blue jean vest with nothing under it but a sports bra and you’re ready for any NASCAR or other red-neck variety event. 
Nothing screams, “I’m from the south!!!” like a good ol’ pair of white jeans or white shorts. 
And if they're white jeans shorts - OMG!
White capris make more of a “I’m from the south but want people to think I have money” statement.
If you live in a tropical or sub-tropical climate, I am not opposed to white linen pants and/or shorts etc. They are nice looking and practical – usually flowing, making nice summer lines.
Also, if you are a foreign drug dealer then a nice linen pant suit is acceptable pretty much any time of year.
Everyone else needs to stop with the white britches. 
(the exception here is uniforms – if you must then you must, right?)
White shoes are another story:
Golfing = yes
Sneakers = yes
Bobos = yes
Nursing = yes
Flip-flops = eh
Sandals = eh
Casual = possibly

Dress shoes = NO. NO. NO.

Unless you are a little girl wearing an Easter dress, then NO to any sort of white dress flats.
White pumps are only to be worn by brides.
And beauty pageant contestants.


Labor Day also signals a cooling of temps and the ever popular “sweatshirt” weather.
I’m okay with you wearing a sweatshirt. (not with white pants or shorts, mind you)

Of course Labor Day also sadly means the closing of pools;
The nearing end of ‘drinks on the patio’ weather;
The beginning of football season;
The arrival of the Autumnal Equinox;
And let’s not forget that it also means…

Winter is coming.

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