Saturday, July 18, 2015

Keepin it Classy

My boss told me yesterday that he once ended a date because the girl didn't like tater tots. He got them with his meal and offered her some.  When she stated that she did not like them, a discussion ensued and then he decided that was the end of the date.

Yesterday when I was eating dinner at my local Tex/Mex place, I saw a couple who were clearly on a date.  I sort of watched them while I was eating.  The girl poured out the last of the green salsa and then proceeded to lick the rim of the vessel in which it was contained.  
Yes, she licked the salsa bottle top.  
In public.
At a restaurant.
And the guys seemed unphased by this glorious display of grace and class as she then ran her finger along the inside of the bottle.  
My first thought upon witnessing this was "gross" and then "maybe I should offer her the left-over half of my salsa so she won't have to lick a publicly shared carafe."
Then I was wondering why the hell she didn't just ask for more.
The only reaction I could tell this solicited from her date was that he ordered another beer.

I shared this story with the bartender at the same Tex/Mex eatery this morning and she was grossed out too and had a story of her own to share.  
There was a couple on a date that her friend knew.  When they were finished eating their meal, the server came to remove the dirty dishes but the girl grabbed her plate from the server, and licked it clean with her tongue.  She then handed it back to the server.  
She explained to her date that she was trying to get in touch with her animal side.
Instead of being totally grossed out, he said it was how he knew she was the girl for him.
What the hell?

The male bartender said he could totally understand and relate to the tater tot situation.

Any disgusting stories of your own to share about a date that either ended it or sealed the deal?

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Anonymous said...

That is just nasty! On one hand, why hide who you are, on the flip side, for the sake of germs - GROSS! Here is my nasty story; It was a last minute, blind date thing at Christmas, it wasn't great or bad and was open to a second date to figure out what was up. He dropped me off at my house, I picked up my purse that had been siting on the floor of his car and headed in. Awhile later, my parents called from the other room: "why is there a slug/worm on the kitchen table?!?" OMG, I picked up a worm/slug from the floor of his car!!!!! I never went and looked at it, so I can't confirm what it was, but the sheer thought of this kind of critter hanging out in his car, only lead to me wonder what the hell did he have living in his bachelor pad?!?