Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shared Space

I have this weird feeling that there is another being sharing my body with me. Or perhaps it is me sharing its body. Whatever the case, it is definitely a strange feeling. I feel that this is the case mostly because of my vision as of late. I keep seeing darkness around the outer field of my vision. Like blobs of darkness around the edges but when I concentrate on them, suddenly they are just gone. The being realizes I have noticed him.
The moments when I forget where I am, I'm pretty sure that he has taken control for whatever reason. I will be driving and completely forget where I am and where I am going. It's him. I know it. When I forget why I have gone into a room, I'm pretty sure it's because he wanted something in there and when I regain control, no clue what's going on. I don't think he quite has a handle on how to operate me yet. I wonder what it will be like once he does.
I used to be convinced that when I thought I saw someone out of the corner of my eye that it was not a trick at all but someone really there. They just realized they were caught and skedaddled before I could do a double take. I think there may be a whole other life that happens in the space that we don't occupy. People or things that live while we are at rest. How often do you hear sounds at night that you simply attribute to "the house settling" or the wind outside or a million other excuses. We all think we catch a glimpse of someone in the hall or walking past or whatever. You hear a voice say your name or something else but you don't recognize it or it belongs to someone you know isn't in the house.
What if there really is someone there? Using the space and time you don't? What if our minds and vision aren't playing tricks on us but simply reporting the facts? It would be quite efficient of some race of beings don't you think? Resting while we are awake and operating while we are asleep. Brilliant.
Perhaps they were just there watching me. Getting a handle on the language and testing it out loud every now and then to get used to how it sounds and works. Living in the shadows, an alien voyeur trying to learn everything about me. Then he decided to move in. The cause of my unexplained eye twitches and muscle spasms. That weird sensation between my toes; it's my new body mate. My loss of appetite and insomnia would easily be explained by this invasion. Nothing else seems a reasonable explanation to me. This would also account for my digestive disturbances and extreme change in vision. I'm okay if something wants to move in but does it have to be so disruptive? Just settle in and get with the program already. Sheesh.

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