Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Got Nothin'

Seriously, guys.  Nothing.  Believe it or not, Gina has nothing to say today?

Can I muster something?  Hmmm.
Trader Joe's has a dark chocolate raisin pecan bar that I really enjoy.

I really miss all my intellectually stimulating friends.
I only see people when I work.  I like my work people.
They are always fun and interesting but I only see them like, 5 days a month.
That sucks.

School is okay but the students are dinguses.  Here is a little something a fellow student wrote in response to my required diatribe about Abstract Expressionism.
and I quote:
"Artist used simple line and shapes to paint pretty picture. Line was drawn to form other than look for an actual visible picture. The artist intented viewers to look hard into lines and see the form that creates a pretty picture. some artist used vary colors to express their emotion by the movement of the line, and shapes form."
I kid you not.  WTF?  Has no one learned how to form complete sentences? What about proper verb form and tense? How about just knowing the simple difference between a singular and plural noun? 
Holy Jumping Moses, people.  And just FYI, this person is NOT, I repeat NOT foreign.  I know I have many foreign acquaintances and I can forgive language issues for those not of the native tongue but again - SHEESH!!  
Okay, there was something.  See? If I try I can always find something that chaps my ass.
Making a fresh cup of tea and then forgetting I made a fresh cup of tea only to find it later when the water (and hence the tea) has gone tepid kind of chaps my ass too.  I will drink it anyway, but by gawd I will not enjoy it quite as much as I would have when it was scalding hot!!!
How about something that makes me smile? The dog lays in funny positions and that always makes me giggle.  He's silly.   

That's it.  I want to try to write more here and not so much on my iPad note app. 
I know I say that every month/year but I promise to try harder.
I am also working on a website of some of my more risque memoirs - I will let you know if I decide to make it a public site.  There are some pretty entertaining stories.
Just not so sure if I want people knowing that much of my bidness.  Yes, bidness.

Goodnight then. 

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