Monday, May 13, 2013

Samuel L Jackson

I was talking to someone about this at one time.  
Can't really recall who it was, but most probably Frank considering the nature of the discussion.

I had remarked about a black comedian (can't remember which - don't do drugs!) anyhoo, this comedian remarked about how there would never be a black Batman.  
The original joke aside (which I can't remember either. OMG)  I started thinking about this statement and running the idea through my head when I realized that Samuel L Jackson would make THE BEST BATMAN EVER!
Picture it:  "who the hell are you?"
Sam Jackson: "I'm the muthafuckin' Batman, that's who the fuck I AM?"
"Who the FUCK are you?"  then he would proceed to bitch slap the shit out of the Joker or Penguin or whichever enemy was in this scene - using that big black leather glove with the bat spikes on it.
How awesome would THAT be??
I know, right?

So then I was watching early morning TV (like at 5am while getting ready to head out to a shoot)
and I remember (yay) watching the news and the investigative consumer reporter came on with his story about a business that screwed over some folks and when he tried to get a word from the business they close the door on him etc etc... you know the scenario.
Then it dawns on me - Samuel L Jackson needs to be a consumer investigative reporter!!!
Why is it always some mousey, skinny guy with glasses and a short sleeved buttoned down shirt?
What gives?
Sam Jackson would just shove the fucking door open and go "Oh no you don't, motherfucker!! You don't shut the fucking door in MY motherfuckin' face!!"
and then he would shove the door open and the business proprietor would be all scared and fall backward onto his ass in the doorway 
"I AM going to get some answers and you WILL be giving these people back their damn money!! Got it, motherfuckerr?!?" 
He would get them their money back and be all sweet to the people and the business guy would be getting up and brushing off his pants and Sam Jackson would shove him back down.
How awesome would THAT be??
I know, right? 

I will let you know if I come up with any other perfect fit roles for Samuel L Jackson. 
Feel free to let me know if you have any.  
I follow him on the Twitter - I can maybe pitch a few. 

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