Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A few things I've learned from TV & movies

Occasionally, while watching a movie or a TV show, I will see something and think 'I really should remember that' or think that I've witnessed something that should be retained for future reference.
Here are a few of those little tidbits I've decided are worth storing in the crevasses of the back of my brain.

Mental note:
* you  can live in a storage unit if you really need to - Side Show Bob has done it.
* never trust a guy in a hoodie (esp. if he has pulled it down to partially obscure his eyes and/or face)
* never and I mean NEVER buy anything from a Chinese gift shop - EVER!
* there are different kinds/colors of vans for various crimes:
   - white panel van with no windows is for child abduction
   - red/brown 70s or 80s conversion style or panel van is usually a rapist van (STAY AWAY)
   - gun runners seem to like the step or utility style van that appears to be a commercial vehicle
   - just avoid the ice cream man at all costs
* I can probably outrun a costumed murderer
* turn the lights on
* your period, the herpes and erectile dysfunction all allow you to take fabulous vacations / great golf getaways
* you can buy just about anything for three easy payments of just 19.99 and promptness is awarded with a second useful item at no extra cost to you

I'm sure there are more things and perhaps I will add to the list as I continue to access the far reaches of my brain.  That's all for now tho.....

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