Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Supreme Painting Skillz (with a 'z')

While I was staying with my sister in Atlanta, she kind of volunteered me to paint some sneakers for some high school kid.  Evidently her friend's son had stained his white Vans brand canvas vulcanized oxfords and so they decided they would just get something painted on them..... and of course my sister volunteers me.
So I tell her I need to know what he's into or what he likes - to get a feel for what to paint on the sneakers since I have no idea who this kid is.  So she tells me he's in ROTC but she really doesn't really know much beyond that - she has to call the kid's mom and she says she'll talk to him and get back to us.
When she calls back she says they have some things written out for me and will give it to me when we come to get the sneakers. whatever.
We go to get the sneakers. We get there and the kid has two pages of visual aides for me to follow; one for each shoe.  I look them over and don't think much about it.  A few band logos, some weird band icon, a lightning storm and a large German flag.  okay.  I'll see what I can do.
In the car on the way back I'm looking over these sheets a little more closely while my sister fills me in on a few factoids about this kid because I was curious about why the German flag.
sister: "Oh, well he's really into German stuff.  He's fascinated with the Nazis and Hitler.  He's always watching the History channel."
me: "um, okay."
I notice one of the bands is Rammstein.  I think about the flag - the dirty white shoes - hmmm.
I think I've just painted some shoes for a white supremacist.
He'll be at the Rally wearing his white sheet and my fancy-ass shoes poking out from underneath! Oh my.
Next thing you know my shoes will be all the rage with the skinheads - yay.
And I only made 30 bux.


Anonymous said...

Was? Sie malte Schuhe für ein Neonazi? Könnten Sie nicht haben einige deutsche Worte zu sagen ich liebe Homosexuell Menschen gemalt? Das wäre lustig gewesen!

UberGina said...

hahaha - THAT would have been funny!!