Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Construction Zone: a C-O-N spiracy

As I drove from Miami to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Louisville, I noticed there were quite a few "construction zones" on the various highways.  The strange thing about this, however, was that in NONE of these posted areas was there any sort of actual construction taking place.
Oh there were quite a few trucks of various construction types ie: bulldozers, dump trucks, steam rollers and the like looming like sleeping dinosaurs within the containment of the pylons or reflective oil barrels but no actual workers.
The main reason I bring this up is that this was the case in ALL of the construction zones in every state through which I travelled. So this is what I believe is going on here:
as one approaches each of these areas, there are numerous brightly colored signs warning of their existence and the fact that all traffic fines are doubled should you choose to break the law in any of said areas.
So are the fines still doubled if there are no workers present or no actual work being performed?
Are these areas just set up by the DOT in cahoots with the state in order to make more money from the lawbreakers? Could this possibly be worse than a speed trap?
and imagine if you end up going to jail for this- how would you ever be able to explain that to Big Al in the joint?
"what are you in for, bitch?"
"Oh, me? I was hauling ass through a construction zone! Don't fuck with me! It ain't nothing for me to threaten the safety of DOT workers who aren't even there! You best step off, yo!"
I smell a C-O-N spiracy for sure.

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