Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throwback Blog from 2008 (A Beautiful Question)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
A beautiful question.
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Watching Star Trek Insurrection and the question was posed:
"Have you ever experienced a perfect moment in time?"

What a great question and even more wonderful to ponder.
It makes you recall all the best moments of your life and dwell on them for a bit.

Upon reflection I realized I have been blessed to have had a few:
~ at 4 years old in the Rocky mountains watching deer drink at dawn with my father
~ at 5 listening to a train in the distance in the middle of the night
~ at 17 sitting on the beach in Greece at 3 in the morning with my best friend
~ at 23 doing PT in basic training watching jackrabbits run beside me
~ at 32 slow dancing in the kitchen with my husband
~ at 37 sitting on Sobe listening to the most beautiful flamenco guitar

these are things that were perfect for just one moment in time ~ fleeting ~ but etched in my memory forever
time moves on and these are the small gifts we are allowed to take along with us
and I'm sure I will experience at least one or two more before I am taken from this world


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EA10 said...

Love this! I have a few I should probably write down. My memory sucks.