Thursday, January 22, 2015

Enjoy some nuts.... won't you?? TBT post

Saturday, June 30, 2007
~ enjoy some nuts, won't you???
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okay, first let's LOOK at the picture.

Did you get a good look??
I love this picture - it's so lame. Shouldn't subliminal be a LITTLE bit less obvious?
see? designers are getting worse and worse.

Lazy. Slack. Poor execution. Not creative enough.
I give it a D but the image is still funny.
Maybe an A for humorous use of "subliminal" (using this term loosely here - no pun intended) sexual imagery in an inappropriate place.
Is Planters really doing such horrible business that they have to show us Mr. Peanut's privates
on the packaging - much less in a compromising position! hahaaha

okay - well just found this funny and blatantly ridiculous - thought I'd share
so anyway
~ enjoy some nuts won't you!!!???
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