Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Man Up!

I've been in the process of interviewing with a local company for creative director.
I went in for an initial interview and things seemed to go pretty well.
The interviewer seemed pretty positive and told me that there would be a second round of interviews with the VP of the Marketing two weeks later and he would be in touch.
Previously, I had been interviewing with a different group.  The interview seemed to go well but was cut short because the Art Director was called to a meeting.  I was told that he would get back to me and let me know.  
Turns out it was not cool.
Neither of these people "got back to me"
I ended up having to call them to see what the deal was.  
This is not okay.
Why can't people just do what they say they will do?
Man up, bro!
If you are the hiring manager or person or whatever, it is your job to inform the people whether or not they are hired.  
It's common professional courtesy.
When I was in charge of such a thing I had no problem letting people know if they were hired or fired or whatever.
It was my job.
Get it?
So, man the fuck up and do your job.
I know it makes you feel bad but it makes us feel worse not knowing.
Don't be a pussy.
Man up!

This goes for many situations where people try to puss out.
What ever happened to accountability?
Situations where you just need to man up include:

• If you are breaking up with someone - man up and do it!
Do not send a text message.
Do not beat around the bush.
Just man up, bro!

• If you screw something up - man up and own up!
Do not pretend that you don't know how it happened.
Do not blame someone else.
Just man up and say this is what happened.
How can it be fixed unless you let someone know how it got screwed up?

Another example:
I was pulled over by a cop not too long ago.
I was not speeding.  I was not doing anything wrong as far as I knew.
The cop approached the window and told me that he thought my tag was out of date but then realized it was not.
This is the part where the cop should have manned up and said;
"I'm sorry.  I made a mistake. Have a good day." and been done with it.
Did that happen?
He could not man up and decided to run my license and tag.
Did anything come back except the fact that I have a legally tagged Florida plate?
Nope.  Nothing.
Did he use THIS opportunity to man up to the fact that he pulled me over because he profiled my Florida tagged 4Runner during Spring Break in a college town?
He made some piss poor claim that my car should be tagged in Georgia and wrote me a warning of dubious merit.

We are all adults here, people.
Man up when necessary.
I won't cry.  
I promise.
We are also all human.
None of us are perfect.
Man the eff up.

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