Friday, August 19, 2011

Friendly Psycho in the Park

I had the most awesome encounter while walking the dog in the park the other day.
I met an honest to goodness psychopath.  This was a Ted Bundy variety.
Now we all know how much I love meeting interesting characters and I know many, many sociopaths.
Hell, I even dated one for several years but this guy was way smoooooooth.

Here's how things went down:
A good looking man approaches me while walking his dog.
He asks a question about the dog that I am walking; Maggie, Frank's dog.
psycho:"Oh is she mixed"
me: "nope, I believe she is full beagle"
psycho: "Wow! she's really beautiful"

So I decide to entertain this further as Maggie was obviously not ready to go home any time soon.
While engaged in this idle chatter about the dog, Frank calls me to ask some question or other and I ask if he's fed Maggie.
After hanging up, the psycho starts to ask me several personal questions.
Are you from here?  Oh, So where were you born then? on and on
It seemed quite interesting that when I was not from here, neither was he.
I moved to Denver just after I was born in Baltimore.
FUNNY COINCIDENCE "I just came back here from the Denver area"
really? do tell, Mr. Psycho.

When I told him Maggie had been thru training to volunteer at hospitals as a visiting pet, HE used to volunteer at the children's hospital. He really needed to get back into that.
When I told him I moved here from Atlanta, he used to live in Atlanta.
"What area were you in" he asked
I said "Marietta"
He said "Thats the area where I used to live. Oh what was that highway right by there?" while laughing at how 'coincidental' this has been.
I was thinking, "um, interstate 75" but never say anything - just that I was near Sandy Plains Rd and Roswell Rd. and lo and behold that is the EXACT area that he had lived. He couldn't name any specifics about the area when I prodded, only vague nothings.

This went on for a good while - so many coincidences, so little time!
I took another phone call in the midst of all this.
After I got off the phone I heard him talking to his dog, calling her by name and guess what it was??
Oh, you guessed it --- MAGGIE!!!!
what are the odds??
I was like "Wow!! That's this dog's name too!!!" pretending to be surprised and enchanted by this fact.
(I had not mentioned Frank's dog's name except when I was on the phone with Frank - I never said it while speaking to Chris the Psycho)
This fact is what tipped me off to him being a psycho.
The uber friendly I can understand if a guy is just hitting on you but for him to try to endear me by his dog and mine having the same name was the red flag for sure!!
He had eaves dropped on my phone conversation to garner that tidbit of information and use it much later in conversation, casually talking to his dog by name.
The dog was completely non responsive to all of it.

Some children came up and started throwing balls to Frank's dog and this seemed to freak out Mr. Psycho and throw him off his game.
Suddenly he had to leave - not announcing it but just walking away saying "okay nice talking to you" and then leaving.
I think he realized that it was going nowhere and now there were children and a mother in the group.
He no longer had my full attention to fall into whatever trap he was trying to set and spring.
Too bad for him.
I would have been curious to see if he drove a panel van.
It wouldn't have worked either way because the dog had dropped a deuce and I was ready to head back home.

Having so many things in 'common' made him completely uninteresting to me.
But it was cool being approached by a psycho and watching him operate while waiting for the dog to take a shit.
His dog, surprisingly enough, did not take a shit.

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