Friday, September 5, 2008

Cleaning up my Drive space & ex-boyfriend photos

So my machine is running pretty slow these days and until I can get a new one or new drive, I must clean off the hard drive to free up some space.

As I was looking thru files to see what could be burned to CD/DVD, moved to the external drive or needed to stay put; I came across some digital pictures that I have no idea into which category they fall.

What do you do with pictures you took of you and an ex-boyfriend?
Especially 2 and a half years worth?
Old family and friend photos can be saved - cuz generally your family will always be family and your friends will always be your friends - barring any extreme fallout. Even friends-in-passing photos can be saved because the memories are honest and real and help to recall pleasant memories and a bit of nostalgia.

But what of these old boyfriend photos? Crazy pictures of you two kissing in weird locations, trips you took together, in front of landmarks, at special occasions, some risque, some of what you believed were the happiest days of your life. You saved these photos to share together and remember the good times you had together. In the future you would look back and laugh and relive some of the good old days when you were so in love.
But why save them now? - that's all bullshit. It was a waste of time and apparently, much needed disc space. Looking at them just opens old wounds - hopes and dreams that would never amount to anything but heartbreak and loss. Who wants to remember that crap?
Not me.
So do I just ditch 2 and a half years of my life through a lens with dick head? Do I ask him if he wants them as some sort of trophy? He seems to have lots of old photos of ex-girlfriends lying around for some reason.
Do I really want a new person to be subjected to looking at those? and why would I? If I never intend to look at them again and they really dont have any artistic value - do I ditch them?
Do I burn them to a disc and squirrel them away somewhere, never to be looked at again?
Do I post them to some web photo hosting site and let them rot away in cyberspace for strangers to peruse at their leisure?
Not sure what to do here.
Any recommendations will be entertained.

oh and is "dick head" one word, two words or hyphenated?

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